What are the suitable slippers for flooring?

When we return home, we will change into slippers for hygiene and comfort, and there are many types of slippers, including slippers for autumn and winter seasons and slippers for summer. Different styles have different effects. However, most people only choose slippers based on their function and style when choosing them. In fact, many home decors with wooden floors also need to choose some suitable slippers.

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Types of floor slippers

1. There are two types of slippers classified by season: sandals and cotton slippers. Cotton slippers belong to winter, while sandals belong to hot summer. The slippers worn in the spring and autumn seasons do not have as many insulation materials as those worn in winter, nor are they as cool as summer sandals. They are generally cotton and linen slippers that are relatively breathable.

2. According to the shape, slippers such as herringbone slippers, toe slippers, straight slippers, slope heel slippers, high-heeled slippers, massage slippers, hole slippers, flat slippers, half wrapped heel slippers, mesh slippers, fish mouth slippers, etc. are classified according to the shape.

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3. By functional classification, casual slippers, beach slippers, home slippers, travel slippers, bathroom slippers, anti-static slippers, floor slippers, health slippers, thermal slippers, hotel slippers, disposable slippers, weight loss slippers, etc. This is also one of the elements that people will understand when purchasing slippers.

What are the materials of floor slippers

1. TPR sole is the most common type of sole. The process of TPR sole can be divided into TPR soft sole, TPR hard ground, TPR side seam sole, and many friends also refer to rubber sole, cow tendon sole, blow molded sole, and adhesive sole, all of which can be classified into this category. The advantages of TPR sole are: soft, waterproof, with a certain degree of wear resistance. It feels like the familiar rubber feel, and there is also a method of adding fabric to TPR on the basis of TPR, which increases its durability.

2. PVC bottom is a process synthesized by wrapping a layer of leather on the EVA bottom. This type of slipper has almost no left or right sole, making it easy to wear and replace. It won't get dirty and only needs to be rubbed twice on the cloth to clean it. But the disadvantage is that its foot feel is still quite stiff.

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How to choose floor slippers?
1. Cotton slippers used in winter are generally divided into soft soles and hard soles. Soft soles are comfortable to wear, but they are very easy to get dirty, and the cleaning frequency is very high. Soft soled cotton slippers are generally made of soft TPR material, which is very comfortable to wear and can also effectively protect the floor. Hard soled cotton slippers, although not easily dirty, are very inconvenient to clean due to their bulkiness. But in order to avoid bacterial contamination caused by sweat and other reasons during daily wear, it is still necessary to regularly clean cotton slippers.

2. Crafted cotton slippers with meticulous craftsmanship, with some leather added to the toe and the heel wrapped around them. On the one hand, it has better insulation effect, and at the same time, it is very convenient to pass through the house even in a short period of time. Most ordinary cotton slippers are pure cotton, with a layer of coral wool or plush. In addition, in cotton slippers, there is not only a heel wrap, but also a difference between high and low tops. High top cotton slippers can basically wrap around the lower legs.

Post time: May-04-2023